I’m a Central Coast florist with a penchant for details.

Building color palettes, combining textures, and playing with depth and movement makes what I do a dream come true. The best part? Getting to know couples on a friend level and seeing their vision brought to life on the big day. There’s nothing like two best friends tying the knot, and couples who dare to be different are definitely the most fun!

Nature inspires Aurelia Flora above all, and I’m proud to responsibly source seasonal blooms from local growers when I’m not foraging from the wild. Working with my hands is a big part of who I am from designing florals and ceramics to practicing Muay Thai. I find books, tote bags, and art supplies totally irresistible, along with my husband. Our goals include adopting a dog and traveling/climbing all over the world together.

Thirteen years in the wonderful world of flowers makes me someone couples can count on. What you need to know is that clients describe me as a calming presence who makes their lives easier.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know a bit about me. I’d sure like to get to know you!

Let’s get together (INQUIRY@aureliaflora.com).

 Loveridge Photography

Loveridge Photography